Monday, January 21, 2013

Ryan McMackin 2005 Demo Reel.

 This was my original demo reel made back in 2005.
The song used was Big Band Benny.

Rocket Orc - 2005 Group Animation.

Robot Fight Club. - 2005

Robot Fight Club.

This was a short student animation project I worked on with Jason Martin, Casey Dockendorff, Matthew Stowell and Justin Patrick while I was attending "The Art Institute of Las Vegas." Special Thanks to Lee Lanier.

Little Dead Girl - Music Video 2005

This is a music video I had the privileged to work on with my mentor and instructor Lee Lanier. 

I modeled the Little Dead Girl, Hearse Automobile and worked on the quicksand scene. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Original "Ominous" trailer & trailer # 2

Ominous is a full length super natural thriller that was orginally written by sister brother team Ryan McMackin and Sharry Flaherty. This is the original trailer that was created. Below there is a Official trailer #2.

United Kingdom DVD release cover art.

Official DVD released cover art.

 Ominous Trailer 2

Original Ominous Trailer.

Celebrity Centre 30 sec. Commerical Spot.

2006/2007 Logo Designs / Dark Water Productions / Hawk Filmz Enterprise animated bumpers.


This is a simple turn table that I put together of a low poly character. This model was created during lab demonstrations on low poly modeling.