Friday, July 13, 2012

New Banner Design for

Here's a new banner design for I designed the title strictly in photoshop usinga few layer style techniques and adding a glare with masking. The images in the background I blended together using Photoshop however I can not take credit for the planets the artist are unknown but I created the banner using multiple images.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sir Licks A lot Spray Cans - Logo Design

Sir Licks A lot Spray Cans - This Logo design was for fun using 3D Studio max for the modeling phase. The designing of the text was created using Adobe Illustrator and final added effects and composition Adobe Photoshop was use.
Ambient Occlusion Render.
3D Studio Max screen capture.

Candy Apple's Kick Ass! Logo Design.

Candy Apple's Kick Ass! This logo was done using 3D Studio Max for the render of the candy apple. Adobe Illustrator was used to create the text and Adobe Photoshop for final effects.

 Ambient Occlusion Render.
 3D Studio Max screen capture.

Smooth Text Effects Logo.

Thinking of making this into an energy drink.

Playing around with different ideas for some graphic text.
 Original Illustrator design before Adobe Photoshop added effects.

Now That's Booty Logo Design.

Now That's Booty Logo Design. Here's another (Work in progress.) 3D max was used to design and render the 3D treasure chest using cell shading material's.

Original Design for a 3D speed modeling challenge.
 3D Studio Max screen capture.

DigiPix Logo Design.

This was just a quick demonstration that I showed my design students for there logos, I expressed to the students that I wanted them to be more creative with there title for their logo. I asked for the students not to just lay down fonts in there raw form.

Digital Warlocks - Digital Pixie T-Shirt Design from concept to completion.

This design was originally sketched then brought into Adobe Illustrator and then Adobe Photoshop for added effects.

Original concept sketch.

2nd phase design, legs and wings were added.

Finalized design. You can order your Digital Fairy T-shirts in different colors. Just visit

Digital Warlocks Logo Design "Concept to Completion."

Here's the original Digital Warlocks concept art. The concept then was scanned and imported into Adobe Illustrator to create the vector design and then exported as a PNG and imported into Adobe Photoshop for added effects. The the layers were imported into Adobe After Effects for animation and then edited with Sony Vegas.

Original concept art.
 Finalized Digital Warlocks graphic logo design.

 Animated Digital Warlock bumper.