Monday, May 13, 2013

3D Sci Fi Corridor

Sci-fi corridor WIP (Work in progress.) Dark Water Media demo reel.
 Update: Engine glows working. Motion Comp (August 2nd,2013)

Update: Engine Glows Working Idle Comp. (August 2rd,2013)

 Update: Side panel vents, engine and foot rests. (July, 25th,2013)

  Update: Just testing composites. (July 17th,2013)

 Update: Modeled side mirror's and changed wind shield length. (July 16th,2013)

Update: Lower Protective plates. (July 14th,2013)

 Update: Wind Shield. (July 14th,2013)

 Update (July 13th,2013)

Update (July 12th,2013)

Testing scale of hover bike. Bike is still a work in progress. (July 11th,2013)

Just having fun with photoshop. (July 11th,2013)

Modification on Female Android. (May 23rd,2013)

Detail on the Eyes were added. Needed that Robotic simply eye. (May 23rd,2013)

Modification on the Female Android. (May 23rd, 2013)

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